The wind is the beginning of a hundred diseases, the autumn wind starts, protect the body’s seven windshields!

The wind is the beginning of a hundred diseases, the autumn wind starts, protect the body’s seven windshields!

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “The wind is the beginning of the disease.

Chinese medicine has long found that wind evil is a very important factor affecting health. Headache, facial paralysis, acute measles, joint pain and other conditions are related to changes in wind direction.

From the autumn wind, how to prevent wind evil?

In addition to paying attention to dressing and keeping warm, be sure to protect your body’s 7 “winding walls”!

The windshield of the head 1, the hurricane hole, the original finger fan, has the meaning of shelter, and the wind is the meaning of wind evil.

Location: The Hurricane Point is behind the earlobe, about 0 from the ear.

At the center of the 5th recess (see the figure below).

Suggestion: When there is a cold breeze, many people will stand up the collar, and the head will not be able to hold down, just to stop the hole and avoid being attacked by wind evil.

Everyone can often press this point, which can alleviate the problems of mouth and eyes, toothache, complications, tinnitus and other problems caused by “wind evil”.

2, Fengfu Point Fengfu Point is easy to infest with wind and evil, wind refers to wind and evil, and the government refers to the gathering place.

Location: The location of the Fengfu Point is 1 inch straight in the middle of the hairline (see picture below).

Suggestion: Regular massage of Fengfu points can alleviate dizziness caused by wind evil, strong neck pain, sore throat and other discomfort.

3, Fengchi acupoints and wind pools are first seen in “Lingshu·Fever Diseases”, and the wind and evil prisoners have stopped accumulating, so the name Fengchi is the key point for treating wind syndrome.

Location: The wind pool is in the back of the head, and the posterior occipital region is double-into the hairline (see the figure below).

The thumb and the middle finger are naturally placed on both sides of the occiput, gently sliding, and there are two obvious depressions in the back occiput.

Suggestion: Always press the hurricane pool to relieve rhinitis caused by wind evil, throat and other discomfort.

The windshield on the back 1, the Fengmen hole and the Fengmen hole are the gateway to the wind and evil spirits, good governance and evil spirits, hence the name Fengmen.

Location: The damper hole is under the spinous process of the second thoracic vertebra.

5 inches (see the picture below), is a common point for the treatment of wind and evil caused by the lung health testimony, good evacuation and external wind.

Suggestion: According to the Fengfengmen point, it can relieve the wind and cough caused by wind evil, headache, fever, chest and back pain.

2, Bingfeng acupoints, the meaning of the palm.

Location: Bingfeng is in the center of the upper scapula, and there are depressions in the arm (see the figure below).

Suggestion: Bingfeng acupoints can disperse wind and activate blood circulation, relieve cough and phlegm, and often press sputum to relieve shoulder and arm pain caused by wind evil, upper limb numbness and other discomfort.

The windshield on the leg is the wind market. Chinese medicine believes that this acupuncture point is connected by the wind evil.

Location: The wind market is on the thigh, standing upright, the hands naturally hang down on the side of the body, and the middle finger tip refers to the Fengshi point (see the picture below).

Suggestion: When you are soaking your feet, you can have a cold spot in the city, and you can have a good relief from colds, body convulsions, and itchy skin.

The “eight” in the eight winds of the eight winds on the foot of the wind wall refers to the eight acupoints on the back of the foot. The wind refers to the evil spirits and the evil spirits. The eight wind points have the effect of eliminating the wind and evil in the body.”eight winds.”

Location: Eight wind points are taken from the seam ends of the five toes of the human body, and each of the left and right points is 4 points (see the figure below).

Suggestion: When you are soaking your feet, you will have the effect of hurricane and collaterals, which can alleviate headaches and toothaches caused by wind.

Finally, Xiaogu reminds everyone that when sweating and sweating during exercise, the pores open, and it is easy to be affected by the cool wind and cause health problems.

Therefore, after the end of the exercise, you should wipe the sweat in time, do not sweat over the mouth.

Mother’s 10,000 meters running

Mother’s 10,000 meters running

In July of 1993, it was a black season for me, and the college entrance examination fell.

  At the crossroads of my life, my father and mother hold two completely different opinions.

My father expected me to go out to work, but my mother hoped that I would re-read for another year. She didn’t know the big words. She decided that going to college is the best way for her son.

At that time, my family’s situation was that my father had been 60 years old, and three brothers had been married one after another, pulling down the foreign debts.

Only the second brother is a “public meal”, and he only has a monthly allowance of more than 20 yuan in the army!

If I review, I need to pay a re-examination fee of 800 yuan, not including other fees.

Even if I take it, I need a heavy cost.

  At that time, rural migrant workers had become a climate. It coincided with a Beijing security company coming to our county to recruit workers, and promised to eat and wear all-inclusive, with a monthly salary of 600 yuan.

This is definitely a huge temptation for our family.

I am moved.

My mother told me that I didn’t do anything, but my father supported me.

The mother was noisy with her father. The father yelled at his mother for the first time: “Where are we going to make a return fee of 800 yuan!

I have to borrow it by myself, I have no face to borrow money!

“My mother immediately turned around and went home. I came back in the evening, my hands were empty and my eyes were red.”

  So I was fully prepared to go to work, just one of my classmates went, which made me more determined to work in Beijing.

Interview, physical examination everything went smoothly, just waiting to hear the notice.

In those days, my mother was very silent. I just screamed and gave me a good meal, and turned into a self-blame in my mother’s body.

I pretend to be indifferent.

  The departure time is up. The night of the first day is near late at night. I faintly heard the voice of the next door mother’s almost pleading. It seems that I was persuading my father to stop me from going out to work. My father’s tone was impatience and trouble, then the mother.Cry in tears.

I covered my head with the sheets, and the tears that burst out!

  The next day, my mother’s eyes were wet and I packed my bags and my eyes were swollen.

Originally she said that she would send me to the county seat, and my father would not let it.

There are only country bikes in the house, and the mother will not ride.

My home is 10 kilometers away from the county town. It is not easy to go without saying it.

My mother had to send me to the village and looked at the figure that my father and I had disappeared.

  There are a lot of people at the station. We have nearly 50 people going to Beijing this time, and the light luggage is full of cars.

It was scheduled to drive at 9 am, because someone was late and had to wait.

At this time, my father repeatedly told me what to pay attention to when going out.

I am absent-minded.

When the latecomer finally arrived, it was already more than 10 o’clock.

The boss who came to recruit was very angry, and let the driver drive the car immediately.

  Suddenly, there was a riot outside the car. It seemed that a woman was calling for a stop, maybe someone had dropped something.

The driver seemed to be impatient and pretending to be inaudible.

The woman’s voice was almost crying, my heart trembled, looking back from the window – it was my mother!

The mother was like crazy, shouting and shouting, her hair was messy, and a shoe on her foot was not lost, as if she still waved a note!

  I jerked up and sipped: “Park!

Fast parking!

“The car has not stopped, I jumped.This time I clearly heard my mother shouting: “Children!

Good boy!

I am not going to work!

Mother for you to go to school!

“I burst into tears and hugged the mother who came on my face. My mother was so tired that I fell in my arms, and I was out of breath!”

The paper in the hand of the mother is handed to my hand, which is a money order, 600 yuan!

The remitter is the second brother who is a soldier in Anhui!

  Afterwards, I realized that the 600 yuan was borrowed from his comrades for 30 yuan and 50 yuan!

As soon as the mother received the list, she ran from home to the county town.

A full distance of 10 kilometers!

  For many years, I have been imagining how the mother, who was nearly 60 years old, ran down the 10km journey in one breath!

At that moment, her steps must be extremely light, her breathing will be very abundant, she surpassed one pedestrian after another, just to reverse the direction of her son’s life. In the second year, I successfully admitted to the university, thenWork, marry a wife, have children, and live a happy and fulfilling life.

At that time, my classmate who went to work in Beijing was cut off from the right arm in a conflict with the local hooligans, and returned to his hometown to open a small shop for a living.

  Years ago, my mother came to see the children for me. I couldn’t help but ask: “Mom, you ran so far in the breath, don’t you feel tired?

“The mother smiled embarrassedly:” At that time, I was afraid that you would leave, but I still thought that I was tired!

“I turned sharply and took the door.”

My eyes are full of tears.