Teach the elderly to eat and eat smart

Teach the elderly to eat and eat smart

What is the whole grain?

Since ancient times, there have been many interpretations.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “The grain is for raising, the five fruits are for help, the five animals are for benefit, the five dishes are for filling, and the smell is combined to serve the essence.

“The grain refers to the previous rice, adzuki beans, wheat, soybeans, and scutellaria.

The grain referred to in the “Classes” by Zhang Jingyue in the late Ming Dynasty is “rice, hemp (may refer to flax), soybean, wheat, and scutellaria.”

The so-called whole grains, which are commonly referred to by the people, generally refer to “rice, alfalfa, alfalfa, wheat, and alfalfa.”

Rice refers to rice, coarse rice; 黍 refers to yellow rice or corn; 稷 refers to millet; wheat refers to barley, wheat, buckwheat, oats and other wheat; 菽 refers to common beans, such as soybeans.Mung beans, red beans, etc.; miscellaneous grains refer to omnivores other than rice, wheat, such as walnuts, coix seed, pumpkin seeds and so on.

  As we all know, whole grains are less nutritious than the processed fine grains. In fact, the nutrition of each grain has its own characteristics. The food value of different varieties is not the same. For Chinese medicine, the whole grainsThey also have their own different characteristics. Here are some of the grains that are common in our daily lives.

  Rice: It is the first of the grain, it is the most important food for human beings, and it is also the source of human body energy. “Materia Medica” records: “rice, sweet and warm, should be cooked, eat blood, stimulate the body, nourish the gas,Filling the debris, spleen and stomach, reconcile the five internal organs, not a day or a deficiency.

Rice can replenish the spleen, nourish the stomach, nourish and strengthen. The boiled porridge has the functions of tonifying the spleen, stomach and clearing the lungs. Those with weak gastrointestinal function after the disease, especially those who are thirsty and hot, are suitable for eating.

  Glutinous rice: soft and sticky, sweet and warm, with the power of Bu Zhong Yi Qi.

In the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, it is mentioned that glutinous rice is not only sweating.

The method is: glutinous rice, wheat bran with fried as the end, each serving 3 money, rice soup to drink.

The second treatment of fetal movement is uneasy, with glutinous rice 1 two, Huang Qi, Chuanxiong each 5 money, water 1000ml, decoction.

Insufficient work and malnutrition in Sanzhi, the physical decline, the method is to put the glutinous rice into the pork belly and steam it, take it as a meatball, and take it daily.

(Convert 1 money = 3.

75 grams, 1 two = 37.

5 grams of jade: corn, sweet and flat, can adjust the appetizer, diuretic and turbidity, often used for urinary calculi or chronic nephritis edema or hypertension adjuvant treatment.

Appropriate use of fresh maize roots and leaves 45?
90 grams (18 people?
36 grams), decoction, 1 day 2?
3 times warm clothes.

  Corn: that is, millet, sweet, salty, cool, with tonic loss, spleen and stomach.

Pediatric spleen diarrhea, indigestion, with corn, yam and yam research, fine, boiled and add sugar to the right amount.

Postpartum body weakness, with corn, jujube porridge, add brown sugar to eat.

  Wheat: Sexually sweet and cool, with the ability to nourish the heart and calm the nerves.

In the “Jin Yu Shao Lue” of the medical doctor Zhang Zhongjing, there is a well-known Ganmai jujube soup.

It can treat depression due to depression or over-consideration, and the heart and spleen are damaged, leading to anxiety, sadness, crying, yawning, and wheat treatment can have good results.

The method is to use wheat two and a half, licorice 3 money, jujube 10, decoction 3 times service.

  Barley: sweet and salty, with the function of the stomach and the intestines.

Dysphagia caused by esophageal cancer, etc., can be twisted after the barley surface into a thin paste, because of its slipperiness, easy to swallow, can help the stomach, restore physical strength.

On weekdays, you can drink barley and barley in barley tea made from boiling water. It is not only fragrant, but also called barley tea after eating greasy food. It can also remove oil and greasy to achieve spleen and stomach and help digestion.

  Buckwheat: sweet and cool, can lower the wide intestine, eliminate appetite, for gastrointestinal stagnation, chronic diarrhea, topical water and fire scald.

When Li Shizhen was in his prime, he suffered from a slight pain in his stomach. He ate and diarrhea, and there was not much diarrhea. He stayed up all night for a long time, and he was tired and tired for 2 months. He was ineffective with digestive qi and medicine, and a monk asked him to cook with buckwheat noodles.Even after eating three or four times.

  Soybean: Sexually sweet, with spleen and wide, the effect of moistening dryness and eliminating water, can help treat hoarding (a chronic bloating disorder caused by long-term digestive and dysfunction) diarrhea, bloating and thinness, pregnancy poisoning, sorenessSwelling, traumatic bleeding and other symptoms.

60 grams of fried soybeans, with malt 30 grams, a total of research into fine, with jujube decoction served, 2 times a day, can improve blood deficiency, pale complexion, pale lips and other symptoms.

  Mung bean: sweet and cold, with heat and detoxification, heat diuretic, eliminate swelling, quench thirst, benefit stomach, in addition to annoying heat.

Use antidote drugs, such as: aconite, croton, pesticide poisoning, food poisoning, alcoholism, etc., take 120 grams of mung beans, 30 grams of licorice, add water decoction, a large amount of water, for the clinical use of poisoning antidote.
  Walnut: Another walnut.

Sexual sweetness, moistening the lungs and kidneys and intestines, treating kidney deficiency and low back pain.

As a therapeutic food, whether it is a medicine, or a raw food, boiled, sugar, and vegetables, there are good effects such as nourishing blood and nourishing the stomach, replenishing the kidney, filling the essence, relieving cough and relieving asthma, moistening dryness and laxative.
  Ren: It is also used as glutinous rice, and the taste is sweet and slightly cold. According to the “Compendium of Materia Medica”, the spleen has the functions of strengthening the spleen, benefiting the stomach, and removing rheumatism, which can make the internal organs strong and the skin tender and beautiful.

Rough skin, long acne or darker color, eat some barley every day, can be improved after about 3 months.

Ren also has the metabolism to increase the body’s water, which can eliminate excess water in the body. Middle-aged women do not hinder eating more food instead of rice, which can avoid bloated body.

  Pumpkin seeds: Sexual Ganping, recorded in the ancient books, has a high amount of zinc, which has the function of preventing prostatic hypertrophy and improving the speed of urination.

However, it should be noted that because pumpkin seeds contain a lot of oil, if you take a lot of powder, every appetite is reduced, diarrhea and other alternatives, but it will disappear on its own, and excessive consumption of pumpkin seeds will also cause abdominal distension.

  Zhu Danxi’s “Danxi Heart Law” said: “Because you pay attention to governance before you get sick, you really understand the truth of health.”

“Zhou Litian official disease doctor” also said: “Five flavors, grains, five medicines to raise their disease.”

Undoubtedly, grains and grains are indeed an indispensable part of modern people’s health. It is said that treating diseases is worse than preventing diseases. It is the way to properly supplement various cereals and replace coarse grains with coarse grains. This is the true way of health care.

Sexual Health and Wellness

Sexual Health and Wellness

“Jade House Secrets” as the authority of the “room in the surgery”, the book mentioned in the book “the balance of ancient and modern are not improper relatives.”

This book expert, moderately sexual life can not only make people enjoy the bed, but also have the benefits of life and longevity.

The “health side” was collected as a prescription. At the beginning, the book proposed “old can not afford”, which is what everyone said now.


hzh {display: none; }  书中认为,饮食能滋补身体,纵欲则损伤年寿,主张男女做爱必须遵循一定法度,性交要有节制,动作要舒缓,切忌粗暴急躁。In addition, we must also understand the woman’s vaginal structure, and pay attention to all kinds of sex-making actions[skills: one touch: her excitement].

It should be said that this view is very reasonable.

  ”The Royal Women’s Loss and Benefits” believes that men and women can be long-lived if they are dependent, “If you are alone, you will lose your life and suffer from illness.”

And put forward, “Where to maintain health, it is to love.

“The book also violates the taboos in the room, such as drunkenness, big anger, strong winds and bad rain, earth movements and even thunder and lightning, big cold and heat, when the road is tired, and “the mountains and rivers, the social night wells”Crossing should be prohibited.

  In the “Three Yuan Yanshou Counsellor’s Book”, Yuan Peng’s famous doctor Li Pengfei specially set up the “Desire”, and believed that the human body must maintain the Yinpingyang secret, the balance of yin and yang, and the appropriate adjustment in order to be healthy and longevity under normal circumstances.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said: “I can know that seven losses and eight benefits, then the two can be adjusted, I do not know the use of this, then the festival of premature aging also.

It is worth mentioning that these ancient books fully emphasize the appropriate sex to maintain health, and also mentioned different sex postures, such as “Ten Festivals” in “Healthy Side”, that is, according to the mating of tigers, crickets, crickets, etc.Named, these styles help to overcome the monotonous and rigid life and add funeral fun.

This coincides with the view that modern medical experts believe that sexual intercourse with different postures can correct certain sexual dysfunction diseases, and even merge and complement each other.

  In the “Preparing for the Needs”, Sun Siwei has an article entitled “Reinforcing the House in the House”, focusing on the life of the house. He has formulated the principles and methods for mastering the marriage of men and women, and warned young people that young people can not be ignored.Should pay attention to tempering the house life.

Tomorrow, the sauna day is coming!

Tomorrow, the sauna day is coming!

At the beginning, according to the Chinese calendar law, this is the beginning of a real summer day.

The beginning is the beginning of a real summer day.

The people often say: The heat is three volts, and the cold is in the 39th.

Sanfutian is the season with the highest temperature and the highest humidity in one year. It is divided into initial, middle and late.

The period of the beginning of the period is called volts or exchange, and the end of the period is called volts.

The three major dietary principles of the rushing into the sky, the most memorable thing is: three days, what to eat?

There is an old saying: “The head of the dumplings is two volts, the three volts are rolling the eggs.”

The meaning of eating dumplings, pancakes, and noodles in Futian, in addition to the joy of excessive food after summer harvesting, is mainly to remind people that summer diets should not be too damn, and you should always sympathize with yourself, eat more protein and B vitamins.Food.
Because the summer temperature is high, sweating is more, it will lose a lot of protein amino acids, and more loss of a large amount of B vitamins and potassium, sodium and other minerals, eating noodles is more conducive to supplement nutrition.

Specifically to eat what, mainly master four points: more acid and more sweet, qi to fire, fresh and clean, hydrating and health.

The ancient scholars of polyacids and polygans thought that “the early summer is wet and suitable for clearing up”.

Summer is hot and hot, people like cold drinks, drink plenty of water, causing moisture to invade the human body, while the outside is wet inside, so that the water wets the spleen, causing the spleen and stomach to rise and fall, the unpleasant digestive function creates obstacles, water accumulation occurs, causing loss of appetiteWait.
According to the viewpoint of TCM health, Shushi is very unfavorable to the spleen. Therefore, it is advisable to eat more sweet or cold in the daily diet.

And, the summer is the heart, and the heart is cool, it is suitable to eat sour, so in the summer should eat more sexual acid foods.

Invigorating the qi to the fire, the summer brings us physical discomfort, and it is easy to cause more and more people to rise in anger, showing emotional irritability, anxiety, irritability, insomnia, etc. These symptoms are medically called “summer emotions”.obstacle”.

Therefore, “going to fire” is also a must-have for summer food supplements.

Summer bonfire food, the best choice: bitter gourd, tomatoes and other cool, refreshing fruits and vegetables, at the same time, milk slightly cold, can hydrate, nourishing yin, antipyretic, is also a “fire” good.

Fresh and clean Chinese medicine believes that the stomach is the foundation of the day after tomorrow.

In summer, people often feel loss of appetite, and the function of the spleen and stomach is longer and shorter. At this time, it does not hinder the eating of fresh fruits and vegetables.

The composition of fresh vegetable and fruit nutrients is generally half of the content of cellulose and sugar, and can even effectively supplement the energy and moisture necessary for the human body, and its refreshing characteristics will make people eat for a long time.

Carrots, lemons, and leeks are the first choice; seasonal wild vegetables and fruits, more food is more beneficial.

But be careful not to eat raw, cold or unclean food, so as not to get dysentery, diarrhea and so on.

There is a saying in the north of the dumplings. It is called “the head of the dumplings, the two-volt noodles, the three-volt pancakes and the eggs.”

Eating dumplings at the head is a traditional custom, because every time, people’s appetites are not good, and they can’t eat anything, and dumplings are an appetizing food in the traditional customs of the Chinese.

2 ginseng to eat ginseng also enhances the body, promotes appetite and prevents the effects of summer heat.

Summer ginseng is preferred for American ginseng.

American ginseng is cool and sweet, with qi and nourishing yin, clearing fire and removing trouble, and nourishing the stomach and promoting fluid.

3 duck meat is always because its waterfowl is rich in protein, but also has the effect of nourishing yin and nourishing the stomach, strengthening the spleen and tonic, and dampness.

4 Cucumber children in the Futian appropriate supplement of cool vegetables is conducive to the thirst, in addition to troubles, detoxification.

Cucumber is a representative of cool vegetables, with high content and high potassium and low sodium.

5 fungus into the volts to give the baby a little more black fungus, which is conducive to detoxification laxative, but also cool blood, increase the appetite effect.

6 vinegar sweating in summer, eat more vinegar, can increase the concentration of stomach acid, help digestion and absorption, and promote appetite.

Vinegar also has the powerful ability to inhibit infectious diseases such as bacteria, typhoid and emphysema.

In summer, people are tired, sleepy and uncomfortable, eat a little vinegar, and soon will relieve fatigue and maintain plenty of energy.

After 7 薏 meters into the volts, the air is wet and sticky, and many children will have “severe heat”. At this time, eating glutinous rice porridge can cause digestive tract and eliminate edema.

4 After the volts, the health soup 1 loofah fish head tofu soup material: a pound of loofah, a fresh fish head, four tofu, three slices of ginger.

Practice: gourd to the corner, wash the cut angle; wash the fish head, cut both sides; tofu with a little water to wash.

Put the fish head and ginger into the clams, inject a proper amount of boiling water, simmer for ten minutes, add tofu and loofah, then simmer for 15 minutes and season.Efficacy: clearing heat and purging fire, nourishing yin and fluid, cooling blood and detoxification, cleansing and removing the spot, passing through the meridian, phlegm.

For fever, heat and polydipsia, phlegm and cough, sore muscles, blood stasis.

2 lotus leaf winter melon 煲 old duck soup material: fresh lotus leaf piece, fresh old melon a pound to half a catty, old duck meat half a catty.

Practice: Wash the lotus leaf, melon, and old duck, put it into the corrugated pot, add the appropriate amount of water to the soup, season the salt, and drink the soup to eat the melon duck.

Efficacy: fresh lotus leaves in the soup, clear summer heat and dampness, winter melon heat and heat, old drakes can nourish Yin and nourish blood, benefit stomach and stomach.

The combination of the three can not only clear the heat, but also remove the dampness and benefit the stomach.

3 lily ribs vegetable soup material: 50 grams of lily, 200 grams of ribs, 50 grams of good fungus, 50 grams of good day lily, 50 grams of peas, 50 grams of oyster meat, 30 grams of rice, 30 grams of dried vegetables10 grams of ginger, 3 grams of salt, 2 grams of white pepper. Practice: ribs in cold water, add a few slices of ginger, boil, remove and spare; ribs and fungus, day lily, seaweed, ginger, vegetablesAdd dry water, boil and simmer for 30 minutes; add clam meat, lily, and peas to continue to simmer for 15 minutes; finally add salt, white pepper to taste, a delicious lily ribs vegetable soup is ready.

Efficacy: Run the lungs and nourish the skin, clear the heart and detoxify, appetite and soothe the nerves.

4 lotus leaf melon old pigeon soup materials: 800 grams of melon, 100 grams of raw glutinous rice, 1 small slice of fresh lotus leaf, 1/4 of dried tangerine peel, 1 old pigeon, 150 grams of pork lean meat, 3 slices of ginger.

Practice: squash squash, cut into large pieces; glutinous rice, dried tangerine peel, all soaked, and dried tangerine peel; old pigeons washed, cut into pieces; pig lean meat washed, cut into pieces.

In addition to the melon and the leaves, put the soup together with the ginger into the corrugated pot, add 3000 ml of water (about 12 bowls), and after the fire is boiled, change the heat to 1 hour, and then the next melon and the leaves are rolled again.1 hour, you can transfer the right amount of salt.

This amount attracts 3-4 people.

Efficacy: Pigeon meat is rich in protein, iron, phosphorus, potassium and other nutrients, and its flesh is rich in chondroitin, which is often eaten and transformed into white and tender skin. Pigeon blood absorbs hemoglobin and the wound healing is quite good.effect.

This cool old pigeon soup is delicious, sweet and delicious. It is a summer heat-reducing soup and is suitable for both men and women.

The grass squid is easy to rot, and it is easy to get this one step when cooking. The outside is tender and tender, and it is easier to spit out the thorn.

The grass squid is easy to rot, and it is easy to get this one step when cooking. The outside is tender and tender, and it is easier to spit out the thorn.

Fish meat is already inedible on the table, especially in the South, where almost every meal has fish. Now the interest in eating fish in the north is getting more and more, and the inland cities near the beach are eating slightly less.

However, it can be eaten occasionally.

Speaking of cooking fish, everyone’s first reaction is trouble, they are not willing to do it, and even do it is not necessarily delicious.

Today, Xiaobian takes a grass carp imitation; it is also the most we eat a variety of fish, generally with braised, boiled, steamed and other practices.

Today, Xiaobian teaches you a different approach. Look at the following to see if the grass squid is too easy to rot. When you cook it, you can easily get it in one step (after a while). After that, the tender squid in the outer focus is easy to separate, and it is easier to spit out.It is also easy to eat fish, the taste is particularly good, and it is perfect with the tofu block.

It is very suitable for eating in the current season. It is delicious and delicious than boiled fish. Let’s look down on my practice.

【Tofu 焖草鱼】Ingredients: 1 grass carp, 1 old tofu, ginger, garlic, coriander, scallions, bean paste, cooking wine, edible salt, vinegar, pepper, millet spicy, starch (cut old tofu in advance)Point the tofu block, cut the ginger into slices, and chop the parsley.[Cooking method]1. First cut off the grass carp that has been washed and cleaned (as shown in the figure below, be careful not to cut the hand), cut into fish after cuttingFor example, the size of the boiled fish fillet can be 2, take a piece of ginger and smash it, the shallots are put into the bowl with the knife back, add the appropriate amount of cooking wine, then grab the onion and ginger, squeeze the onion ginger juice 3, put the 剁 goodFill the fish in a large bowl, add the freshly prepared onion ginger juice, add a spoonful of homemade scallions, put on a disposable plastic glove, mix well, marinate for half an hour for use, and add the appropriate amount to the wok.Eat cooking oil, add salt when it is cooked to 40% heat, burn until smoked into the chopped tofu pieces, fry until golden, then fry the other side and fry until golden on both sides.5, after the fish is marinated, throw the onion ginger inside and throw it out.掉, Add a little starch, uniformly wrapped grip.

Add a proper amount of cooking oil to the pan, heat it to 70%, and fry it until it is fried. (To make the fish pieces not easy to smash, this step must be ok) Boil until the coke yellow is fished out and control the dry oil for spare. 6 Keep a small amount in the pot.Base oil, add ginger, garlic, millet spicy stir fry pan, add 2 tablespoons of scallions, stir well with 1 scoop of bean paste, then pour the fish and tofu into the stir fry, add 1 scoop of salt,Pour in a proper amount of water (just flush with the fish fillet, don’t overdo it). Boil the pan 7 and boil the pan and pour it into the casserole. Then add the vinegar, pepper, coriander and cover the casserole for 20 minutes.Left and right, put it in the coriander leaves, this delicious tofu squid fish is ready, have you learned?

Friends who like to cook food, remember to pay attention, if you have a better practice, welcome to share and share!

Lotus leaf tea makes you thin enough

Lotus leaf tea makes you thin enough

Since ancient times, drinking tea is one of the favorite drinks of the Chinese.

Drinking tea can not only lose weight, but also be a good health care product.

Therefore, drinking tea is considered by people to be the easiest and most effective way to lose weight.

Today we are said to be talking about the lotus leaf tea that has been regarded as a slimming medicine, so that you can lose weight once!

  Make full use of the weight loss effect of lotus leaf tea, mainly because of the roots of lotus, (藕) and leaves have simple diuretic, laxative effect.

But to lose weight completely requires some tips.

  1, must be strong tea.

The second bubbled tea has no effect, although it can be repeated as long as it can be used to make the color.

But in addition to the first bubble, there is no other weight loss effect.

  2, a small packet of lotus leaf tea can be washed a cup.

  3, basically 3-4 bags a day, divided into 3-4 times to drink.

People who have constipation crimes can drink 4 packs a day for the first week and finish it 4 times.

The stool is smooth and has helped the weight loss.

  4, it is best to be on an empty stomach.

Drink before dinner.

  No need to diet.

After drinking water drops, the hobby of food will naturally change, and many people do not like to eat greasy food.

  In addition, lotus leaf tea does not need to be cooked.

Put a packet of tea in a teapot or a large teacup and pour in boiling water to drink.

It is best to simmer for 5-6 minutes so that the tea will be thicker.

And even if the tea is cool, the effect will not change, so the summer can be changed after chilling, the taste is better.

What are the early symptoms of bladder cancer?

What are the early symptoms of bladder cancer?

Bladder cancer is the most common cancer in the urogenital system.

Next, this article introduces the early symptoms of bladder cancer. Through these early symptoms, everyone can find out, diagnose and treat in time, so that it can prevent and prevent it to a certain extent.

Five early symptoms of bladder cancer 1. The most common symptom of hematuria and bladder cancer is that there is no sensation. Hematuria can be seen by the naked eye. This is a unique “urinary abnormality signal” of bladder cancer, which occurs in almost every bladder cancer patient.Eighty-five percent of bladder cancer patients are treated as a result.

There are two kinds of hematuria, one is gross hematuria, and the other is microscopic hematuria.

Gross hematuria refers to blood-colored urine that can be directly viewed by the eyes. Micro-hematuria refers to the presence of red blood cells under the microscope.

Bladder cancer hematuria is mostly painless and intermittent, most of them are whole-course hematuria, a few are terminal hematuria, accompanied by frequent urination, urgency hematuria is replaced.

2, bladder stimulation early bladder cancer produces relatively excessive urinary tract stimulation.

If the bladder cancer is also infected with infection, or the tumor is in the trigone of the bladder, it will lead to signs of urinary tract irritation. At the same time, the patient will have frequent urinary urgency, urgency, dysuria, urinary incontinence and other signs of bladder irritation.Suffering from bladder cancer in situ.

3, some patients with dysuria due to bladder tumor growth volume, and tumor growth in bladder complications, or tumor bleeding, blood clots, leading to long-term complications of urinary flow, robes patients will have symptoms of dysuria, mainly urineThe flow is skewed, the flow of urine is slow, and even the urine stays.

4, frequent urinary urgency such as cancer in the bladder triangle, bladder irritation can occur earlier, if there is urinary pain is not early.

All in all, suddenly there is an unexplained dysuria, the initial signal for bladder cancer.

5, pain If the tumor is extensive and deep, pain can occur, and it is exacerbated during bladder contraction and urination.

If the tumor is located in the bladder neck, it can cause urethral infarction and even urinary retention.

Five major cancer causes of bladder cancer 1. The family members of the immediate family members of bladder cancer patients have twice the risk of bladder cancer, and the immediate family members of young bladder cancer patients are more dangerous.

In addition, studies have shown that a large amount of liquid, vegetables and fruits are injected, leading to a reduced risk of bladder cancer.

The main risk factors for bladder cancer in the current population are smoking, occupational exposure to aromatic amines, family history of bladder cancer, alcohol and coffee, and gender.

2, the carcinogen transfer of drinking water through chlorine disinfection and tap water containing chlorinated by-products, causing increased risk of bladder cancer, so the cancer contamination in Taiwan and South America Argentina is also associated with increased risk of bladder cancer.

3, a large number of drugs taking phenacetin-containing analgesics combined with increased risk of bladder cancer, the drug has been discontinued.

The risk of bladder cancer in patients with lymphoma treated with cyclophosphamide can be increased several times, and the tumor is often invasive.

4. The risk of bladder cancer in coffee-drinkers is higher than that in non-drinkers, but there is no dose or time trend. The results of epidemiological studies have ruled out the strong correlation between coffee and bladder cancer, but some of them are not excluded.Related.

5, urinary tract disease urethral epithelium long-term exposure to chronic stimulation or human metabolites to increase the level of carcinogens in the urine, alternating urothelial reproduction after cancer, such as bladder squamous cell carcinoma and schistosomiasis infection or bladder stones.

Happy people have long-term friendship

Happy people have long-term friendship

Psychologists at the University of Edinburgh and the Queensland Institute of Medicine in Victoria found that happiness is determined by personality traits along with life, and personality traits are mainly from heredity.

  The US Fun Science website recently reported that British and Australian reorganization researchers conducted personality tests on more than 990 pairs of twins.

They compared the test results with the happiness index of the subjects and found that people who are not sociable and who are conscientious and sympathetic are more likely to be happy.

  The researchers said they found that the personality traits caused by some common genes affect people’s happiness.

The head of the research team, Alexander Weiss of the University of Edinburgh, said: “Although we are happy to encounter many external factors, we find that part of happiness is heritable, and this part can be completely explained by the genetic structure that determines personality.

“These genes are not guaranteed to make people happy, but the character determined by them will become a happy catalyst when people are unlucky, so that people in distress can mobilize their happy “emotional reserve.”

  Despite the strong influence of genes, the difference in happiness in real life is still about 50% due to various external factors, such as interpersonal relationships, health and occupation.

For example, the study by Ed Dina of the University of Illinois in the United States found that the happiest people usually have strong friendships.

The 6 major mistakes in sports weight loss are getting fatter

The 6 major mistakes in sports weight loss are getting fatter

Sports weight loss is especially prepared for everyone’s attention this year. Many posts on the Internet for weight loss have been forwarded and emulated by everyone, but how much do you really know about exercise weight loss?

Let’s take a look at some of the misunderstandings about exercise to lose weight. I hope that there will be an effective guiding effect on the road of weight loss.

  6 major misunderstandings for exercise to lose weight: 1.

Running calves will become thicker. Under normal conditions, running will consume a small amount, exercise the legs, and make the legs become curved without thickening the legs.

Then why do some people feel that they have run for a long time and their legs have become thicker?

There are three main factors in this.

First, your legs are not thick, just the calf is full when running, so that you feel your legs are thick; second, the running trick is wrong; third, your legs may be muscle type, running too fast for youThe leg muscles increase and look thicker.


The more sweating, the more effective it is to use sweat to measure exercise weight loss results is a very unscientific practice.

The wicking away takes the transition and takes away a lot of water and some electrolytes from the body.

The difference in body weight reflected before and after sweating is mainly due to the body losing a lot of water.

The result of exercise weight loss is not based on the amount of sweating, mainly depending on the degree of accidental conversion to transformation during exercise.

During exercise, the more energy consumed, the better the fat burning result, rather than the more sweating, the better the result.


Strength training does not lose weight Many people think that strength training can only exercise muscles, and can not lose weight.

This understanding is biased.

Directly, practicing muscle is actually a serious part of weight loss.

As the muscle mass increases, the metabolism will go up and it will consume more doses to lose weight.

In essence, strength training can also burn fat.

To achieve, low-intensity strength training is mainly based on unfortunate energy supply, which can burn a lot of unfortunate and reduce body fat percentage.

At the same time, strength training can exercise muscles and bones, increase the body’s lean body mass, lower the body’s aunt, and achieve satisfactory weight loss results.


Do women do strength training will become muscle women and women to practice muscle?

Hearing this, I believe that many people’s brains are all muscular women.

But the fact is that it is not easy for a woman to become a muscular woman. This is mainly because the hormone-insulin ketone that promotes muscle growth in obesity in women.

Arthritis hormones in men are naturally much higher than women’s, so it is more embarrassing for women to practice large muscles than men.


Aerobic exercise is essential for more than 30 minutes to lose weight. If you insist on moderate-intensity aerobic exercise, it usually takes 30 minutes after exercise to consume more amateur energy.

It’s just a general phenomenon. The result of real weight loss should not be based on hard work.

If you have a few minutes of anaerobic exercise before aerobic exercise, then do aerobic exercise, so that when you do aerobic exercise, the body will become a stage of increased consumption, which may not take 30 minutes.The effort can reach the effective weight loss results.


It’s not clear when you want to lose some weight and where you want to lose weight.

All part of the weight loss exercise should be based on the basic movement of the whole body.

The aunt’s aunt is distributed around the body, and the exercise consumes the aunt’s aunt, instead of simply consuming a part of the aunt.

But part of the exercise can exercise some parts of the muscles, making people more fit.

In fact, part of the movement is also very demanding.

  Exercise weight loss is generally a quick trick to be effective in the short term, but everyone should not follow blindly. It is recommended that you make a detailed understanding before replacing any kind of weight loss tricks. Otherwise, the coup will not be too late.Good weight loss results may also cause some unnecessary damage to yourself.

Studies show that weight loss may not have to diet

Studies show that weight loss may not have to diet

American researchers have found a way to diet without having to diet, and the effects have been verified in mice.

  The British “New Scientist” magazine website reported on the 29th, Howard in Melbourne?

Researchers at the Flory Institute have found that by altering a small number of cells and removing a specific enzyme called angiotensin-converting enzyme (ACE), the metabolism of the mouse can be accelerated to achieve weight loss.

  The experiments they conducted showed that mice that had ACE removed in their body and even ate as much food as other normal mice consumed more calories and were lighter.

Compared with normal mouse scores, mice excluding ACE in the body were 20% lighter on average, and adults in the body were 50% to 60% less on average.

  The researchers said that because of the accelerated metabolism, the body consumes sugar faster than normal mice, and these excluded ACE mice are also less likely to develop diabetes.

  The researchers pointed out that some ACE inhibitors have been taken, and some drugs are currently mainly used to control high blood pressure.

New findings mean that ACE inhibitors may be used to lose weight.

  In addition, experts pointed out that there are no indicators that ACE inhibitors used to control hypertension have weight loss.

Although the types of drugs are generally safe, they must be supplemented, and some may damage the kidneys.

Old age empty hand exercise to protect health

Old age empty hand exercise to protect health

In the long-term fitness activities, based on my own experience, combined with the characteristics of the elderly, especially the elderly with lower limbs, I summarized four simple and easy-to-learn sitting postures.

Its advantages are: no time, no restrictions on the venue, no need for any fitness equipment, just a pair of empty hands, you can carry out fitness activities anytime, anywhere, so named “old man empty hand”.

  The first section: “Pre-post and post-preparation posture: the upper body is straight and sitting, the two feet are naturally separated, the hands are laid flat and the two eyes are looking straight ahead.

  Beat: 1 upper body forward (angle is not limited, varies from person to person); 2 reduction; 3 two hands holding empty fists, two arms left and right flat pull back, while the upper body is slightly backed up; 4 reduction.

  Follow this action and repeat it four times.

  The second section: “left and right open bow” preparatory posture: the same as the first quarter.

  Beat: 1 two arms around the flat, five fingers close together, palm down; 2 right arm from the chest to the left, right finger to the left, while the upper body slightly turned left.

  3 The right arm is reduced to “1” shape; 4 is placed up and down to form a preparatory posture; 5 two arms are raised horizontally, the five fingers are close together, the palm is down; 6 the left arm is turned to the right by the chest, the left finger is pointing to the right, and the upper bodyTurn the home slightly to the right; 7 the left arm is reduced to “1” shape; 8 is placed down, restored to the preparatory position; according to this action, repeat four times.